About Us

The Ironing Service offers pick up and delivery in the Western suburbs of Brisbane. Established in 1989, the Ironing Service is family owned and operated, providing quality, friendly and consistent service.

 Our Mission

We aim to satisfy all our customers new and existing. Whether it is a weekly service or a casual pick up, the same high standard is applied and we offer a money back guarantee if this cannot be achieved. With The Ironing Service now operating for over 30 years now, our longevity speaks for itself, customer satisfaction is the centre of our focus.

Our Vision

A smooth, stress free service is our vision for you. We wish to take the ironing hassle out of your life and free up some time for those things that are far more enjoyable than standing over an ironing board in your free time.

How we operate


Setting Up A Collection

Please contact us to organise a collection of your ironing. We pick up in the morning in your area (please look at our service areas on the site) and let us know if there are any special instructions regarding the pick up. 


When the ironing is delivered, an itemised account will be left in the basket or shirt pocket. This account has our payment methods at the bottom, cash, cheque, bank transfer, paypal or credit card through the website. (All accounts to be settled within 7 days of delivery unless prearranged)

Pick up and Delivery

Ironing is picked up daily between 6:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. and delivered between 12 noon and 5pm the next day. (Friday pick up delivered Monday) Please note, we cannot give precise times for pick up and delivery due to traffic conditions on the day and it depends on how busy we are, but we can do our best to give a rough estimate if needed.

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