What time will pickup and delivery be?

Pick ups begin at 6.30am in the morning and depending on where you are in the run will determine what time the ironing is collected. Deliveries are in the afternoon between 12 noon and 5pm, and once again depending on where you sit in the run will determine what time the ironing will be returned. (We can provide rough guides for pick up and delivery, but these can vary dramatically with traffic etc)

Do I have to be home for pick up/delivery?

No you do not. If you pre arrange where the ironing will be left and where you would like the ironing to be delivered to then that is all we need.

Do I include coat hangers?

Yes please. If you wish items to be folded please let us know. (We do charge 50c for hangers if we need to include them)

How do I pay?

You can pay when the ironing is delivered, cash or cheque, or pay online via direct deposit, Paypal or credit card. 

The Ironing Service FAQs

Client testimonials

“Terrific service; friendly, reliable and great value. A life-changer! “

- Katie, Sherwood

Excellent service, been using them for years. “

- Kris, Toowong


“What an excellent service! Cannot rate Mark & the Ironing Service high enough.
We are long term users and often send all our ironing at once. The service has always been accommodating.
Great price, personable customer service, perfect ironing.”
- Allison, Kenmore Hills

Always pick up, always deliver on time. Quality ironing service. Never had a complaint and the prices are reasonable.. “

- Sarah, Forest Lake

We’ve been using The Ironing Service for around three years. They are excellent – always punctual and reliable and the ironing is always good. Mark is always pleasant on pickup and has no trouble managing our two dogs with a pat on arrival. Highly recommend this business!. “

- Joscelyn, Brookfield

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