Terms and conditions

1. Prices are subject to change, please check website for a full, up to date price list.

2. Pickups occur from 6.30 am daily, please ensure ironing is ready for collection at this time, otherwise you may miss us.

3. Please notify us of any change to your service before 6.30am on the day of collection, or we reserve the right to charge a non-cancellation fee of $6.

4. All accounts to be settled within 7 days of delivery.

5. We will not guarantee or refund ironing of clothing that has been put through a dryer.

6. If coat hangers are not provided with the ironing, t-shirts and shorts will be folded and hangers we provide will be charged at 50c each. 7. If you wish to discuss your ironing or feel something is missing, please contact us within 24hrs of delivery.

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